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  1. Alive
2. Ten Seconds
3. Blood and Belief
4. Life and Death
5. Tearing Myself to Pieces
6. Hollow Head
7. Will to Win
8. Regret
9. The Path and the Way
10. Soundtrack of my Life

Réalisé le 26/04/2004

Enregistré et mixé Backstage Studios par Andy Sneap
Produit par Andy Sneap

Photographies de Sabine Alves Puga, Andy Sneap
Glenn Butler et Annee Salter

Durée totale : 51:27
Graphisme de John Slater

(Bayley, Slater, Wray)

I, I missed thee meeting
where you
were appointed God
all your misguided views
only you decide
what is true
You just want me to die
then you'll be satisfied
Disappointing day for you
because I am alive.
Me, I'm only human
so you
think you can step on me Feeding
or all of those around
from your nothing throne
you're ruling nothing now
If you knew anything
about real life
you would realise.
You don't know anything
about real life
to me that's no surprise
You just want me to die
then you'll be satisfied
It's a disappointing day for you
you know I'm still alive.


(Bayley, Slater, Wray)

You love the rush
the rush of the win
Risk of defeat
risk everything
Feel you can cheat
death one more time
There's nothing else
till you cross the line
Faster than the rest
you live to be'
You're at the line
cause you've got to see.
Ten, Ten Seconds
Ten seconds at a time
you feel alive for
Ten, Ten seconds
Living your life
quarter mile
Time to focus
you picture the win
The engine roars
feel the rush begin
You must pursue this victory
There is nothing else
you have to be
Faster than the rest
you live to be
You're at the line
ruse you've got to see


(Bayley, Slater, Wray)

Blood and Belief
They take from me my blood and belief
They take from me my blood
He was once a wolf
Roamed and never cared
Never wished for death
Few of us can know.
with that certainty
where we do belong,
Death was always close
but he was so alive
when he was walking out there near
the edge of life
Then the change began
changing to a man
his soul was trapped inside
Ordinary man
waiting for his death
the wolf lay dead inside
They could not stand to see
a spirit roam so free
So they condemned him
to their ordinary life
See the blood and belief
Can you see the blood and belief?
as the dead shall grieve it shall be
When you see the Blood and belief
So shall it be me


(Bayley, Slater, Wray)

He lay broken, broken down and the pieces on the ground
are where they trod and ground him further down
Where is the glue that mends a broken man
that can't defend himself against
the slings and arrows of this world
Where has he gone
Like a circle without end
his life seems to repeat again
and in the circle he is trapped alone
Alone and then he starts to think
just what did bring him to the brink
is this ending where he must begin to carry on
Is it life and death to you
Is it your whole world you're going to lose
Is it life and death to you
Is it life and death you've got to choose
Looking back to face the past
to put his face up to the glass
remembers where he has come from
He just spent so long on the edge
he walked along the highest ledge
He just forget that anyone can fall so carry on
Failing down's a hazard when you're standing up
and if you fall, remember that you can get up again
if you don’t know where you belong
wherever you feet safe is horde
and if you are weak
member you ran prow strong so grow strong


(Bayley, Slater, Wray)

Tearing yourself to pieces
tearing yourself apart
What are you trying to prove
who are you trying to prove it to?
Hiding your self destruction
hiding yourself away
Showing everyone around you
such a different face
You’ve got all the self abuse
And you think you caught it
from someone you almost knew
You have lost all your chances
you have lost all your days
You can always find
someone you'd rather blame
Decided that you would fall down
you know that it's all your fault
But still you try to make
someone responsible
You don't need the things you want
you're always so confused
You don't want the things you need
just what's wrong with you?
You tell yourself a lie and you will live a lie
Told me you could fly I've never seen you fly
Told me you could die I've never seen you die
Tell yourself a lie you Will live a lie
You Lie


(Bayley, Slater, Wray, Banks)

If that phone call is for me please tell them that I don't exist
I don't think that I'Il be missed
That call could signal danger that I might still be alive
I thought that the doctor lied?
The doctor said it's not my fault
I've been told I'm not to blame
There is just an empty space
where there should be a brain
I'm an interesting case
just like ane that he once saw
About a man who doesn't know
he is really just a thought
The doctor said I've got a hollow head.
The doctor said I should go home and try to find my own safe place
That's not something I can face
Where all my feelings are my own
and everything is just ok
That's not for me
I'm really ill you see
The world is spinning round too fast
the sky is pushing down to hard
Everybody feeling scared
That they wont get the part
The extraordinary thing
is that we are all the same
When we think we're all alone
we all feel so ashamed
The doctor said I've got a hollow head


(Bayley, Slater, Wray)

Forget about what you think you know
About your life
What would you have if you could have
what you want?
People don’t even know they're truly alive
they’re just sleep walking
Things un-important to you
just let them slide
then wake up fighting
All of them fear what they do not know
All of that fear they pour onto you
You have the will to win
the courage to fight
to get through anything
The will to win
Believe you can beat them down
and rise above
Those bastards will hate you
for what you want to be
they are the noose and the millstone
you must survive
They’re Self defeating
They try make you an outcast
a freak and a fool
So fuck them
You can fold this world into a shape
a thing that will fit in your mind
You own realty reflecting your dream
reflecting the world that’s inside


(Bayley, Slater, Wray)

I still walk and I still breath
I'm not the man that I could be
There was a hole here in my chest
now it's filled up with these regrets
Is the ending written down
before we even read the play?
And is the ending hidden there
until we turn the final page?
If I'd learned my lesson sooner
if I'd srted out my head
Then I would still be with you
and I would not have one regret
I still walk, I still breathe
I'm not the man I could be
The hole here in my chest
is filled with all of these regrets
What kind of sad yesterdays
will all our tomorrows bring?
Will they be the yesterdays
we won't regret remembering?
I f I'd learned my lesson sooner
if I'd sorted out my head
Then I would still be with you
and I would not have one regret


(Bayley, Slater, Wray)

I'Il find the path the way on my own
I have before
Don't need them telling me
who died for me
and what it was for
This may be a revelation for them
they don't understand
my life or yours
Not conforming to all of their ideals
makes me all wrong
and them right of course
Oh No I don't believe in their religion
I don't believe their sacrifice
I don't believe their Hell or Heaven
I don't believe that they are right
About my life
People dying because of ideas
ideas describing their God differently
It is their God's world
so they rearrange it
Arrange it to fit
distorted prophecies
I'Il find the path and the way on my own
I always have before
I'Il find the path and the way on my own
I will open my own doors


(Bayley, Slater)

This is the soundtrack of my life
The sound by which I live and die
The things I've seen I can't describe
This is the soundtrack of my life.
Watching the movie of your life
you see things in a different light
You see mistakes and tragedies
You could have avoided so easily
You see the times when there were lies
now it's yourself that you despise
And as you see the movie play
and as aou hear the world you say
It's the soudtrack of my life
the sound by which I live and die
Trying to be true to yourself
surviving your own mental health
But pharmaceuticals today
are not what you thought they'd be
Seeking your own oblivion
but you are not the only one
Join the queue and stand a line
if there's no victim
there's no crime
This is the soundtrack of my life
the sound by which I live and die
The things I've seen I can't describe
this is the soundtrack of my life
This my life.

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