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1. Killer
2. Limousine
3. Loco
4. Dance Dirty
5. Incitement To Riot

Réalisé en 1988
Side A
Produit par Wolfsbane
Mixé par John Crossley
Assisté par Jason
Enregistré au Square Dance Studios
Side B
Enregistré au Tamworth Arts Center
Le 1.11.1987
Prise de son par Denis Byfield
Mixé par Gary Byfield


I’m gonna kill you | That’s what I say
Put a bullet between your eyes!
No one bothers | No one tries!
No one bothers me!
I trust nobody ! Trust somebody, they can put you down !
I rely on no one! No one’s there when I want them around

I want guns, girls, diamonds an’ cars !
I’ve been desperate for too long !

I'm gonna kill you !

Nightmare! Shithead ! Tanked up coming in !
My head all washed away with stolen gin !
I don’t ask favours ‘cause I don’t pay favours back
An’ I ain’t lonely | It’s a state of mind I cracked !

I want guns, girls, diamonds an' cars !
I've been desperate for too long !

I'm gonna kill you !

I know what I want | I see you with it !
You’re a waster! You’re a creep ! A mushbrain airhead fool !
Try to make me look small, mock me so you look tall!
I stood your kind too long already

I’m gonna kill you !
Make you kiss the dirt | See you on your knees! Grind you into dust
Watch you bleed !



Big an' black, a shiny sheen !
Lure of that Limousine !
If only it belonged to me
With its style and Comfort luxury !

I'd never need to ask her name !
'You must be a star', she'd say
Every girl would melt for sure
When they touch my deep veour.

Riding in a Limousine !
Do it in a limo !
Riding in a Limousine !
Limousine ! do it ! do it ! do it ! do it ! do it with me !

I'm cruising tyres off that car
I'm popular in every bar
Every body's buying drinks for me
'This guys got a Limousine !

They call me 'sir' all over town
Treat me like I had a crow
Laughin' all the time I'd be !
Just pretty girls for company !

I got a bottle ! I got the girl !
I got the car, I'm gonna cruise the world !



Aft my truck is rolling,
my wheels are turning fast.
Won't you be my hitch hiker?
Climb aboard while you still can!

Darlin' this trucks a sly bitch,
I can't let it slow down.
I got dreams packed up and loaded and I'm headed out of town!

Baby the city's calling!
Ready for a guy like me!
See the pretty starlight twinkle like a poor boys fantasy.

Renegade! High Roller! I'm Loco, Loco - motion!

About the sweetest smile I've ever seen,
her eyes are shining there,
there for me!

Renegade! High Roller! I'm Loco, Loco - motion!

About the sweetest smile I've ever seen.



No Misery like a lonely heart !
A shadowed dream in blue !
Waking up is so very hard
When it's no-one and you !

You want a woman ? learn to dance !
Want a Friend ? then you drink !
If you're after true romance
Then you dance dirty !

Dance dirty, Princess !
Dance dirty, use that dress !
Dance dirty and so close !
Dance dirty,
I'll walk you home !

A gravel-voiced, blues singer !
An old piano Joe !
Same advice he sings you
Each time he sends you home !

I won't beg, 'cause you're tall already !

I can't dance, no !
on my knees !
Oh darling may I have the pleasure ?
Dance dirty with me ?



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